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Услуги - Tooth extraction

Removal of teeth in Kiev, Pechersk district

It should be understood that in dentistry, doctors always try to preserve natural teeth and do everything possible to avoid tooth extraction. But there are such cases, advanced stages, when the only correct solution is still tooth extraction.

What are the indications for tooth extraction in Kiev?

First of all, these are:

  • deep caries;
  • generalized periodontitis;
  • tooth extraction with periodontal disease is also possible;
  • tooth trauma, in which it cannot be restored in any way;
  • extraction of teeth for the installation of braces (according to indications);
  • the tooth does not lie correctly in the oral cavity.


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Types and cost of tooth extraction

First, a complete examination is carried out to determine if the tooth really needs to be removed. If this is the case, then the oral cavity is checked for the presence of infectious processes. If they are, the doctor will prescribe therapy.
Before starting the procedure, the doctor injects anesthesia for painless tooth extraction. After tooth extraction, the surgeon explains how to take care of the oral cavity. After that for 2 weeks the tooth heals and stops bothering about a month later.
Extraction of teeth under general anesthesia is usually not performed. In such cases, treatment is carried out in a dream – the patient is immersed in a medication sleep, in which an anesthesiologist is also present, but sedatives are used.

  • There are two main types of tooth extraction:
  • simple, when the entire crown is visible and the tooth is removed without fractures and crumbling;
  • the complex is carried out only by the surgeon in cases where the tooth is impacted, it is necessary to make incisions, the tooth is strongly deepened into the bone tissue.

Ultrasonic tooth extraction

Ultrasonic tooth extraction is called piezosurgery and is performed using a special device – a piezotome. The operation of the device is based on ultrasound, which acts on the bone tissue. This method is considered to be progressive in maxillofacial surgery.

Laser tooth extraction

Laser tooth extraction is a jewelry surgical technique for removing teeth in the lower jaw and upper jaw. This type of tooth extraction has a number of advantages: minimally invasiveness, minimum anesthesia, and good hemostatic properties. But the price of laser tooth extraction is higher than usual.

Extraction of teeth during pregnancy

Many, though, find out what the reviews are when removing teeth during pregnancy. Of course, pregnancy is a contraindication for tooth extraction, primarily because of the anesthesia and drugs that are used to relieve pain.
Also, antibiotic therapy can often be prescribed when removing teeth. All this is not desirable for pregnant women. That is why, whenever possible, the dentist will do everything not to remove teeth.

Tooth extraction price at ESTOMATOLOGY

The price of tooth extraction depends on the type of extraction: simple or complex, laser or ultrasonic tooth extraction. Detailed prices can be found in the price list of services.


Tooth extraction cost

Surgery and tooth extraction

Tooth extraction with immobility of the 3-4th degree 500 грн. Записаться
Easy tooth removal 950 грн. Записаться
Complicated tooth extraction 2000 грн. Записаться
Atypical wisdom tooth removal (1 degree of complexity) 2000 грн. Записаться
Atypical wisdom tooth removal (2 degree of complexity) 3300 грн. Записаться
Dissection of the abscess, drainage 550 грн. Записаться
Treatment of alveolitis 350 грн. Записаться
Operation of excision of a mucous membrane of a hood 750 грн. Записаться
Root apex resection operation 6600 грн. Записаться
Sinus lifting operation is closed 3850 грн. Записаться
Open sinus lifting operation (1 cat difficulty) 6600 грн. Записаться
Open sinus lifting operation (2 cat difficulty) 13200 грн. Записаться
Open sinus lifting operation (3 cat difficulty) 17600 грн. Записаться
Bridle plastic surgery 1100 грн. Записаться
Using a hemostatic sponge 200 грн. Записаться
Suturing 500 грн. Записаться
Membrane BIo-Gide 25*25 9350 грн. Записаться
Membrane BIo-Gide 30*40 12650 грн. Записаться
Membrane I-PRF - 1 test tube 1650 грн. Записаться
I-PRF membrane - additional test tube 600 грн. Записаться
Rezorb membrane 7150 грн. Записаться
The use of a collagen cone 950 грн. Записаться
Soft tissue plastic surgery in the area of 1 tooth 1750 грн. Записаться
Vestibuloplasty 3300 грн. Записаться
Blood collection 200 грн. Записаться
Splitting of the alveolar ridge 3850 грн. Записаться
Installation of foams for fixing the membrane 600 грн. Записаться
Bone autotransplantation 6000 грн. Записаться
Small bone autotransplantation 4000 грн. Записаться
Using a titanium screw 950 грн. Записаться
Rezorbo Forte membrane 9350 грн. Записаться
Collection of bone blocks 11000 грн. Записаться
Anti-inflammatory cocktail 300 грн. Записаться
I-Gen membrane 6300 грн. Записаться
Removal of an impacted cyst 950 грн. Записаться
Grade 1 surgery 4400 грн. Записаться
Grade 2 surgery 6000 грн. Записаться
Modification of the alveolar process 2750 грн. Записаться
Suturing another specialist 250 грн. Записаться


Application anesthesia 100 грн. Записаться
Injection anesthesia 300 грн. Записаться
Medicated sleep (Sedation) 1 hour 2500 грн. Записаться