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Услуги - Extraction of wisdom teeth

Removal of teeth in Kiev, Pechersk district

Wisdom teeth are ordinary rudiments, which do not give anything useful to the body. Wisdom teeth are the eighth teeth in a row, which is why they are called “eights”.

These are the last teeth that erupt after 14-16 years. But sometimes it is necessary to carry out the removal of wisdom teeth that have not erupted.

Wisdom teeth are not needed to chew food, when teething can cause inflammatory processes, they may not fit fully in the dentition, they are harder to clean, so they are more likely to undergo caries, which is difficult to treat.

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Types and cost of wisdom teeth extraction

When is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth in Kiev?

  • removal of unerupted wisdom teeth that are hidden in the gum pocket;
  • partially erupted teeth;
  • there is no place for them in the jaw;
  • grow crookedly;
  • tissue inflammation around the teeth.

The operation of removing wisdom teeth is not performed for pregnant women, for acute infections, serious pathologies.

Types of wisdom teeth extraction

The removal of wisdom could be:

  • simple removal of wisdom teeth without incisions in the gums;
  • complex removal of wisdom teeth (atypical removal of wisdom teeth) – in such cases, the gum is necessarily cut.

By the number of teeth removed:

  • removal of one wisdom tooth;
  • removal of two wisdom teeth at the same time;
  • removal of 4 wisdom teeth (most often done during medication sleep).

In our clinic, the removal of the upper wisdom teeth and the lower ones is carried out by experienced surgeons who do it quickly, easily using innovative techniques.
Removal of the upper wisdom teeth is often easier, and recovery is faster. But this is very individual and depends on each specific case.

Extraction of wisdom teeth under general anesthesia

For anesthesia, modern drugs are used or the patient is immersed in a special medication sleep and wisdom teeth are removed under anesthesia. This is not typical general anesthesia, this is sedation.

Removal of wisdom teeth before braces is carried out in cases where the wisdom tooth has led to an incorrect bite, deep caries or inflammation is observed in the eights, the eight has become out of place and presses on the adjacent teeth.

Laser extraction of wisdom teeth

Laser extraction of wisdom teeth involves the use of a laser in difficult situations when the tooth is impacted and cannot erupt on its own. Usually it is opened with a scalpel, but modern technologies allow it to be done with a diode laser. Laser extraction of wisdom teeth is ideal for opening impacted teeth.

Rehabilitation after wisdom teeth extraction

Removing wisdom teeth is half the battle. It is also very important to properly care for the oral cavity after removal. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, it becomes easier after 4-5 days, and after 2 weeks the rehabilitation period passes. On average, after a month, the condition returns to normal.

Wisdom teeth extraction price at ESTOMATOLOGY

How much does it cost to remove the figure eight? For the removal of wisdom teeth, the price depends on the complexity of the surgery. You can see the prices of wisdom teeth extraction in our price list on the page.

Read reviews on our page about the removal of wisdom teeth and sign up for a consultation with a dentist surgeon.

Tooth extraction cost


Application anesthesia 100 uah Sign up
Injection anesthesia 300 uah Sign up
Medicated sleep (Sedation) 1 hour 2500 uah Sign up

Surgery and tooth extraction

Easy tooth removal 950 uah Sign up
Complicated tooth extraction 3000 uah Sign up
Atypical wisdom tooth removal (1 degree of complexity) 3000 uah Sign up
Atypical wisdom tooth removal (2 degree of complexity) 4500 uah Sign up
Dissection of the abscess, drainage 800 uah Sign up
Treatment of alveolitis 600 uah Sign up
Operation of excision of a mucous membrane of a hood 1100 uah Sign up
Root apex resection operation 9000 uah Sign up
Sinus lifting operation is closed 5500 uah Sign up
Open sinus lifting operation (1 cat difficulty) 8000 uah Sign up
Open sinus lifting operation (2 cat difficulty) 16200 uah Sign up
Open sinus lifting operation (3 cat difficulty) 21300 uah Sign up
Bridle plastic surgery 1900 uah Sign up
Using a hemostatic sponge 300 uah Sign up
Suturing 800 uah Sign up
Membrane BIo-Gide 25*25 12100 uah Sign up
Membrane BIo-Gide 30*40 16900 uah Sign up
Membrane I-PRF - 1 test tube 2650 uah Sign up
I-PRF membrane - additional test tube 800 uah Sign up
Rezorb membrane 11200 uah Sign up
The use of a collagen cone 1350 uah Sign up
Soft tissue plastic surgery in the area of 1 tooth 2850 uah Sign up
Vestibuloplasty 5700 uah Sign up
Blood collection 300 uah Sign up
Splitting of the alveolar ridge 5400 uah Sign up
Installation of foams for fixing the membrane 900 uah Sign up
Bone autotransplantation 9200 uah Sign up
Small bone autotransplantation 5500 uah Sign up
Using a titanium screw 1350 uah Sign up
Rezorbo Forte membrane 13800 uah Sign up
Collection of bone blocks 1600 uah Sign up
Anti-inflammatory cocktail 550 uah Sign up
I-Gen membrane 10200 uah Sign up
Removal of an impacted cyst 1550 uah Sign up
Grade 1 surgery 6100 uah Sign up
Grade 2 surgery 9300 uah Sign up
Modification of the alveolar process 4200 uah Sign up
Suturing another specialist 290 uah Sign up