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Услуги - Removal of milk teeth

Removal of milk teeth in Kiev, Pechersk district

If you think that milk teeth do not need to be monitored, you are wrong. Many parents do not pay enough attention to milk teeth in children, and in the future, they have a lot of problems.

Milk teeth change to permanent ones, they fall out on their own, but sometimes doctors are forced to resort to at least and remove milk teeth.

Removal of milk teeth is a measure that is used in cases where the milk tooth cannot be treated. Parents often have a misunderstanding: why do you need to remove milk teeth from a child, if the teeth will fall out anyway.

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Indications for the extraction of milk teeth

The extraction of milk teeth is today a safe procedure that is carried out under a number of indications to prevent problems with molars in the future.

Removal of milk teeth in children is carried out in the following cases:

  • the milk tooth cannot fall out on its own, since its root has not been properly absorbed;
  • deep and advanced caries;
  • cracks in milk teeth, a piece of a tooth has broken off;
  • fistula on the gum;
  • severe periodontitis;
  • the molar cannot grow due to the fact that the milk one does not fall out;
  • the milk tooth staggers for a long time, does not fall out and interferes with the child.

Features of the extraction of milk teeth

Removal of milk teeth has its own characteristics, since under them are the rudiments of molars. In order not to harm them, the dentist uses special forceps to remove milk teeth. These forceps do not grip the tooth too much, since the enamel is thinner, and also these forceps cannot move the milk tooth downward.

To remove a milk tooth, either application anesthesia or infiltration anesthesia is used. In some difficult cases, the removal of milk teeth is possible during medication sleep.

If you have doubts about the baby’s milk teeth, then be sure to come to us for a free consultation.

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The cost of removing milk teeth