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Услуги - Total prosthetics

Total dental prosthetics in Kiev, Pecherskyi district

Modern medicine allows you to restore teeth in different ways. Dental prosthetics is the restoration of lost teeth, which does not require the participation of your teeth.

Total prosthetics – restoration of all teeth.

Dentures can be attached to the root of a natural tooth, if there is one, or to an implant that is implanted into the bone. Sometimes, before implantation, a bone augmentation may be needed – a sinus lift operation.

Total prosthetics is possible using modern techniques and their combination: prosthetics on implants, the use of veneers and more.

All prostheses are made individually in the laboratory for each person. The most commonly used materials are ceramic and zirconium. They have the necessary strength, but at the same time they look aesthetically pleasing and help to fully restore the human chewing function.

Dentists who provide total prosthetics service

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Implantologist Surgeon Therapis


Kiev Medical University UANM

Personal doctor
assigned to each patient
1 diagnostic center
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2 types of installments
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3 types of protection
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12 best doctors in their field
professional doctors of all specialties
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Smile care - a unique dental protection program

Total dental prosthetics at ESTOMATOLOGY

Total dental prosthetics begins with a consultation with a dentist. The doctor must assess the condition of the teeth, bone tissue, gums. It is imperative to do a computed tomography and, depending on the situation, prescribe preparation for prosthetics.

More recently, removable dentures were the only option in the absence of teeth. But now total prosthetics is possible, which is used all over the world: “all on 4” or “all on 6”.

Four or six implants are inserted into each jaw, and the dentition is already attached to them. Such techniques are indicated for people with complete absence of teeth.

Prices for total dental prosthetics

As you understand, the cost of total prosthetics depends on a huge number of different factors: how many healthy teeth, what materials are chosen for prostheses, what kind of prosthetics, etc.

All these issues are discussed in consultation with a dentist, with whom you will choose the best option for total dental prosthetics for you in Kiev.

Why choose Estomatology for total dental prosthetics in Kiev?

Our clinic has a number of advantages, thanks to which it is beneficial for you to choose us:

  • safety;
  • guarantees for treatment;
  • modern equipment;
  • treatment according to international standards;
  • using only modern materials;
  • flexible prices and payment options;
  • professional team.

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Cost of total prosthetics services

Total prosthetics

Metal-free ceramic restoration (front tooth) for total prosthetics 18700 грн. Записаться
Metal-free ceramic restoration (lateral teeth) for total prosthetics 15950 грн. Записаться


Application anesthesia 100 грн. Записаться
Injection anesthesia 300 грн. Записаться
Medicated sleep (Sedation) 1 hour 2500 грн. Записаться