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Услуги - Removable dental prosthetics

Removable dental prosthetics in Kiev, Pechersk region.

The loss of one tooth can lead to a considerable number of problems, what can we say if not one, but several teeth are lost? This leads to dysfunction of chewing, bone atrophy and other troubles.

Modern dental replacement prosthetics is a way to restore damaged or missing teeth with prostheses.

There are the following types of dental prosthetics:

  • removable;
  • not removable.


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Types and cost of removable prosthetics

Removable dental prosthetics in Kiev is still a popular way to restore teeth without surgical manipulations in the oral cavity.

There are two main types of removable dental prosthetics:

  • complete removable dental prosthetics;
  • partial.

Removable dental prosthetics (partial)

Partial dentures are installed when one or more teeth need to be replaced. They not only fill in the empty space, but also obstruct adjacent teeth.

Complete removable dental prosthetics.

Complete dentures are installed to completely replace the upper or lower row of teeth. But for this type, all the teeth must be removed, and the gums must be prepared for the placement of dentures.

The most popular designs for dental prosthetics in Kiev are:

  • plate prostheses made of special acrylic fixed with glue or by the vacuum effect;
  • clasp prostheses made of a metal structure and a frame are attached to adjacent teeth or crowns. You need at least 6 of your teeth.

The price of removable dental prosthetics in ESTOMATOLOGY.

Prices for dental prosthetics in Kiev are different. This largely depends on the material, and on the clinic itself, and on the number of lost teeth.

We offer dental prosthetics at pleasant and inexpensive prices in Kiev. You can find out what kind of dental prosthetics in Kiev in our clinic can be found in the price list presented on the page.

Cost of prosthetics services

Removable dental prosthetics

Partial acrylic removable prosthesis 8000 uah Sign up
Complete acrylic removable prosthesis 10000 uah Sign up
Clasp prosthesis with attachment lock 20200 uah Sign up
Clasp prosthesis with lock fastening 22000 uah Sign up
Clasp prosthesis with clasp fastening 16000 uah Sign up
Correction of a removable prosthesis (made in another clinic) 1600 uah Sign up
Prosthesis relocation (clinical) 1600 uah Sign up
Prosthesis relocation (laboratory) 2200 uah Sign up
Bite rollers (2 jaws) 1600 uah Sign up
Bite rollers (1 jaws) 800 uah Sign up
Adhesive bridge prosthesis 5200 uah Sign up
Making an individual spoon 900 uah Sign up

Diagnostics and consultation

Consultation 0 uah Sign up
Diagnosis and treatment planning 800 uah Sign up
Aiming X-ray 250 uah Sign up
Consultation with a periodontist 800 uah Sign up
Orthopedic consultation 800 uah Sign up
Anti AIDS and Anti HEPATITIS 200 uah Sign up
Using a rubber dam 500 uah Sign up
Using an optrade 350 uah Sign up