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Услуги - Restoration of teeth

Artistic restoration of teeth in Kiev

Modern technologies allow dentistry not only to put a filling, but to completely restore tooth enamel. And it is the artistic restoration of teeth that solves this problem.

What is artistic dental restoration? This is a composite restoration of a tooth, its shape with an imitation of all its layers. This takes into account color, texture and optical properties.

Who needs artistic dental restoration in Kiev? Aesthetic dental restoration is needed in such cases:

  • abrasion of teeth;
  • artistic restoration of crooked teeth is needed for stakes, cracks, defects;
  • pigmentation of the enamel;
  • diastema.


Еxperience: 3

Еxperience: 23 years


Faculty of Dentistry, Tver State Medical Academy.
Internship in Dentistry.

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– I treat caries and its complications
– Restoration of anterior and lateral groups of teeth
– Endodontics under the microscope
Life credo: I work to improve the quality of life of my patients and want them to smile with pleasure.

Personal doctor
assigned to each patient
Council of doctors
examines each patient case and forms an optimal treatment plan
2 types of installments
available for patients to choose from
3 types of protection
we use in sterilization
3 dental offices
with the most modern equipment
3 Italian dental units
with comfortable chairs
8 best doctors in their field
professional doctors of all specialties
24 months Smile care
Smile care - a unique dental protection program

Reviews of our patients

Restoration of my teeth 🦷

2 hours and the teeth are as good as new. The restoration seemed almost painless to me. Thanks to Dr. Olga Pavlyuk for the restoration of my teeth.

Significantly improves the appearance of teeth

I always thought that aesthetic dentistry is something very expensive. But it turned out that you can correct and significantly improve the appearance of your teeth at a regular appointment with a dentist at the price of conventional treatment. Thanks Olga for a job well done. I will apply again.

Tsaturyan Eleonora

Thank you for a quality dental restoration.

Artistic restoration and modeling of teeth

The main advantages of artistic dental restoration:

  • the restored tooth does not differ from its teeth (thanks to technology and modern materials);
  • the procedure is cheaper than many others for restoration;
  • the sensitivity of the teeth remains the same.

Artistic restoration of anterior teeth

Artistic restoration of anterior teeth is much more difficult, since the front teeth are always visible. And even the slightest discrepancy will be noticeable. In our Estomatology dentistry, artistic restoration of anterior teeth is done at the highest level.

The restoration of the anterior teeth can be direct and indirect.

Direct artistic restoration of teeth

Direct artistic restoration of teeth is suitable for discolored teeth and minor defects in the dentition. In such cases, the dentist models the defects directly in the oral cavity.

Indirect artistic restoration of teeth

Indirect artistic restoration of teeth is a more complicated process, since it involves preliminary treatment and the creation of impressions, which are sent to the laboratory to create special inlays for the teeth.

The price of artistic restoration of teeth in ESTOMATOLOGY

In Estomatology for artistic restoration of teeth, the price in Kiev is very pleasant. You can see it in our price list. But the exact cost will be clear after the dentist’s consultation and treatment plan is drawn up. Dentist consultation is free, so come to us.


Caries treatment and artistic restoration

Installation of a seal from photopolymer (initial caries) p/t 1500 uah Sign up
Installation of a seal from photopolymer (average caries) p/t 1700 uah Sign up
Installation of a seal from photopolymer (deep caries) p/t 1900 uah Sign up
Restoration of the front group of teeth (1 tooth) p/t 3200 uah Sign up
Restoration of the lateral group of teeth (1 tooth) p/t 3000 uah Sign up
Total composite tooth restoration (chewing group) 5500 uah Sign up
Air-abrasive treatment 600 uah Sign up
Glasspan splinting 9000 uah Sign up
Restoration correction 800 uah Sign up
Removing the old seal 300 uah Sign up
Coagulation of the gums in the area of 1 tooth 400 uah Sign up
Warranty case 1500 uah Sign up

Diagnostics and consultation

Consultation 0 uah Sign up
Diagnosis and treatment planning 800 uah Sign up
Aiming X-ray 250 uah Sign up
Consultation with a periodontist 800 uah Sign up
Orthopedic consultation 800 uah Sign up
Anti AIDS and Anti HEPATITIS 200 uah Sign up
Using a rubber dam 500 uah Sign up
Using an optrade 350 uah Sign up