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Услуги - Professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene in Kiev

One of the main values ​​of our clinic is the preservation of dental health. A fundamental place in this is occupied by professional oral hygiene.

This procedure is only becoming more popular every day. Its demand in dentistry is justified. Indeed, in addition to preventing the development of caries and preventing gum disease, professional hygiene improves the color of the teeth, gives you fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

Unfortunately, there are hard-to-reach places in the mouth. The spaces between the teeth, the spaces under the gums – these places are almost impossible to clean independently only at home.

Also, no matter how you brush, plaque will be deposited, eventually covering the teeth and becoming a bacterial layer, which later turns into tartar.



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Еxperience: 23 years


Faculty of Dentistry, Tver State Medical Academy.
Internship in Dentistry.

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– I treat caries and its complications
– Restoration of anterior and lateral groups of teeth
– Endodontics under the microscope
Life credo: I work to improve the quality of life of my patients and want them to smile with pleasure.

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Professional oral hygiene

If we imagine that every day a person brushes his teeth in the morning and in the evening with the correct technique, uses additional means to maintain dental health, then if all of the above is observed, 50-70% of all dental plaque can be removed. 

Why is plaque so scary? The fact is that it provokes the development of caries, inflammation of the gums, which can lead to periodontal disease.

 So, you will need the help of a professional dentist.

Professional dental hygiene

At the Estomatology Dental Clinic, dentists approach professional dental hygiene in a comprehensive manner and includes different stages:

  • with the help of a special nozzle, teeth are cleaned of tartar using ultrasound and water pressure;
  • soft plaque is cleaned by the Air Flow method using water, air flow and a special powder;
  • brushing your teeth ends with polishing with a paste.

Fluoridation can also be prescribed to strengthen the tooth enamel – as a result, the teeth become less sensitive. 

The doctor necessarily conducts an examination before and after, checks the gum pockets, and, if necessary, can prescribe OPG or CT to see the condition of the teeth in more detail.

Prices for professional hygiene services at ESTOMATOLOGY

Professional oral should be done every six months. Some more often, some less. It depends on the level of personal hygiene. If the person smokes a lot or drinks coffee, cleaning may be necessary faster. When treated by an orthodontist, cleaning is done every three months. 

Also, professional oral hygiene is done before implantation, before braces.

The cost of professional oral hygiene will depend on the number of cleaning steps. AirFlow may be included in cleaning, may not be included. The cost will vary. The prices can be found in the table.

Personal hygiene, recommendations of chief physician Oleksandr Sirosh

Advice from the head doctor of the Stomatology clinic on dental hygiene.


Professional hygiene and prophylaxis

Hygienic preparation before treatment 600 uah Sign up
Comprehensive professional hygiene (Promotion) 1499 uah Sign up
Preventive hygiene with the Air-flow device 1500 uah Sign up
Preventive prof. hygiene over gum teeth. deposits 1 degree 2000 uah Sign up
Preventive prof. hygiene over gum teeth. deposits 2 degree 2300 uah Sign up
Preventive prof. hygiene over gum teeth. deposits 3 degree 2800 uah Sign up
Varnish remineralizing therapy 1900 uah Sign up
Regenamel tooth enamel regeneration 3300 uah Sign up
White Spa complex (professional hygiene + whitening) 7000 uah Sign up
Bleaching Magic Smile 6000 uah Sign up
SRP teeth cleaning for 2nd degree periodontitis 4100 uah Sign up
SRP teeth cleaning for 3nd degree periodontitis 4600 uah Sign up