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Услуги - The first visit to a pediatric dentist

The first visit to a pediatric dentist in Kiev, Pechersk district

The most important is the first visit to the pediatric dentist. And the task of this visit is to form the child’s trust in the doctor and dentist and lay the foundation for further friendly relations with dentistry.

At the first visit of the child to the dentist, it is not recommended to carry out any manipulations.

The first visit is an acquaintance. Sometimes you can diagnose or look at the teeth, but this is on condition that the child very easily makes contact. He is not afraid and feels comfortable.

Many parents have a question: when to bring a child to the first visit to a pediatric dentist. And how often should this be done at all?

The child should be shown to the dentist for the first time at the age of 2-3 years, if the child is not worried about anything. And then show the child every six months so that the dentist can fully monitor the condition of the child’s teeth.

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Adaptation lesson at the pediatric dentist ESTOMATOLOGY

By regularly visiting the dentist, you can prevent the occurrence of serious dental problems in the child. And the dentist will also teach you how to properly care for the child’s oral cavity.

First of all, parents must prepare the child for the visit to dentistry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to a child. You can tell your child that you are going to the tooth fairy, her assistants, who will look at their teeth.

Getting into dentistry, the parents should not calm down the child and say that it doesn’t hurt or there is no need to be afraid. It is better to trust the pediatric dentist and give him the right to talk to the child.

But you can take your child’s favorite toy with you, with which he will be calmer.
It is imperative to praise the child after dentistry and say that he is great.

It is very important to take the first visit to the pediatric dentist very seriously so that the first impressions of the child remain good. This will further save you from dentophobia in a child, tantrums and crying. Because, whatever one may say, but you will have to treat your teeth, and go to the dentist too.

But it is worth explaining to the child the importance of this matter and showing that there is nothing wrong with it. In many ways, of course, the first impression of dentistry depends on the pediatrician.
Our clinic employs excellent specialists who treat children with all their love and will be able to properly adapt them.

So come to us and bring your kids. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.