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Услуги - Treatment of gum tissue

Comprehensive consultation and diagnostics by a periodontist for only 150 UAH.

The complex includes: consultation, examination, periodontal screening test


Periodontitis treatment in Kiev, Pechersk district

The teeth are in the tissues of the periodontium. The visible part of the periodontium is the gum. The most common inflammatory diseases of the periodontal tissues: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are treated by a periodontist.

Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums itself; other periodontal tissues are not involved in the inflammatory process. Gingivitis is a reddening of the gums around one or more teeth. In more advanced cases, bleeding may occur. Gingivitis can develop into periodontitis.



Опыт работы: 5 years
Periodontist - Surgeon


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– I am engaged in conservative treatment of gums
– Surgical and regenerative periodontology.

Life credo: Proper and timely prevention is a guarantee of no cure.

Опыт работы: 5 years
Periodontist - Surgeon


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:

– Comprehensive diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with periodontitis, treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa
-Plastic and closing recessions
– Pulmonary augmentation
– Soft tissue plasty in the area of implants

Life credo: Never and under no circumstances should a person neglect himself, his aspirations and dreams.

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Periodontitis treatment cost

But periodontitis is already an inflammatory process of all periodontal tissues that hold the tooth. Periodontitis can affect not only one or several teeth, but also spread to the entire jaw, and then treatment of generalized periodontitis will be required. With periodontitis, swelling occurs, the gums bleed. With timely treatment of periodontitis in the clinic, the symptoms disappear without a trace.

The reason of gingivitis and periodontitis is poor oral hygiene, which leads to the development of an infectious process.

For effective treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis, first of all, you need to consult a periodontist who will determine the root of the problem and prescribe an adequate periodontal treatment in Kiev.

In our clinic, you can sign up for a consultation with a periodontist, who will carry out the necessary diagnostics and draw up an individual treatment plan.

Treatment for gingivitis is often limited to removing plaque and brushing your teeth in a dental clinic. The doctor recommends local anti-inflammatory therapy, tells you how to properly care for your teeth and mouth, and selects the necessary toothpaste.

Treatment of periodontitis with timely diagnosis is almost always completely cured. Treatment of periodontitis in Kiev is based, first of all, on the removal of all deposits on the teeth in order to stop the progression of the disease. For this, scillers are used. Also, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic therapy to get rid of the infectious process. Medication for periodontitis is prescribed for mild disease.

A good method of treating periodontitis according is periodontal pockets washing.

Surgical treatment of generalized periodontitis consists of flap operations and curettage.

Curettage is the cleansing of periodontal pockets. With a closed curettage, the doctor cleans the pocket without surgical incisions using special instruments.

If the pockets are large (more than 5 mm), open curettage is used. Open curettage – cutting the gums, after which the pockets are cleaned and special preparations are put in place, and then sutured with a flap.

Also, surgical treatment of periodontitis still consists in the following procedures:

  • gingivectomy;
  • opening of periodontal abscesses.

Laser treatment of periodontitis is a modern method of treating periodontitis, in which the affected tissues are removed using a laser. At the same time, the laser does not affect healthy tissues.

Prices for periodontitis treatment at ESTOMATOLOGY

If we talk about the price for the treatment of periodontitis, then it can be different – it all depends on the degree of periodontitis and the chosen method of treatment. In our price list you can find out in detail what the cost of treating periodontitis in the context.


Periodontal treatment

Periodontal Chart Diagnostics 1000 грн. Записаться
Primary periodontal supragingival teeth cleaning 2000 грн. Записаться
Professional oral hygiene using hand-held scalers 2500-3000 грн. Записаться
SRP of one segment (4-6 teeth) for periodontitis 2500-3500 грн. Записаться
Air-abrasive teeth polishing and deep fluoridation 1500 грн. Записаться
Plasmolifting 2000 грн. Записаться
Hyadent BG injection 2500 грн. Записаться