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Услуги - Dental treatment

Dental treatment in Kiev

Many people mistakenly believe that dental treatment is just an aesthetic necessity. But in fact, the state of vision, hearing, musculoskeletal system, nervous and digestive systems directly depends on the health of the oral cavity.

To prevent dental diseases, you need to visit your dentist at least once a year (if nothing bothers you), and preferably once every six months. Of course, there is a whole range of care products – pastes, gels, rinses, threads, but even such equipment will not save your teeth from the harmful effects of the delights of modern life. Excessively sweet and fatty foods, alcohol and nicotine put a serious strain on the natural protection of teeth and contribute to the development of tooth decay.


Опыт работы: 5 years
Periodontist - Surgeon


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– I am engaged in conservative treatment of gums
– Surgical and regenerative periodontology.

Life credo: Proper and timely prevention is a guarantee of no cure.

Опыт работы: 16 years
Endodontist, Therapist


PKMU, specialization paramedic
National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets
Graduated from internship in 2005

Опыт работы: 5 years
Periodontist - Surgeon


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:

– Comprehensive diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with periodontitis, treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa
-Plastic and closing recessions
– Pulmonary augmentation
– Soft tissue plasty in the area of implants

Life credo: Never and under no circumstances should a person neglect himself, his aspirations and dreams.

Опыт работы: 5 years


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
-complex diagnostics and planning of aesthetically functional rehabilitation.
-installation of ceramic overlays and veneers
-total prosthetics (restoration of function and aesthetics)
-prosthetics on implants
-prosthetics All 4, All 6
-removable prosthetics

Life credo : The only way to do something very well is to love what you do.

Personal doctor
assigned to each patient
1 diagnostic center
is in the clinic
2 types of installments
available for patients to choose from
3 types of protection
we use in sterilization
5 dental offices
with the most modern equipment
8 Italian dental units
with comfortable chairs
12 best doctors in their field
professional doctors of all specialties
24 months Smile care
Smile care - a unique dental protection program

Signs of dental diseases and the cost of treatment

Why is caries harmful? It is a destructive tooth disease. It tends to grow deeper, destroying tissue and exposing nerves. In the resulting holes, rotting processes begin, which can lead not only to the removal of the entire tooth, but also to infection in the gums. And this is fraught with irreversible consequences for the whole organism. Therefore, dental treatment cannot be postponed indefinitely.

Features of dental treatment in ESTOMATOLOGY

When should teeth be treated? People usually go to the dentist only when it is already impossible to endure. This is due to the fact that a visit to the dentist is associated with pain. But innovative techniques and modern equipment allow for pain-free dental treatment. And the most sensitive patients are treated with medication sleep. Therefore, today you can safely treat your teeth, and preferably at the initial stages.

Signs of dental disease:

  • bleeding gums when brushing;
  • the appearance of black spots on the tooth enamel;
  • violation of the bite;
  • increased reaction to hot, cold and sweet foods;
  • not fresh breath.

If you notice any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your dentist immediately. Not all pathologies are expressed, you may not notice how caries gradually develops. In order not to miss this, go for preventive examinations to the dentist twice a year. Our consultations are free, so we are waiting for you.

Dental treatment under anesthesia in Kiev

If you still missed the moment and the disease began to progress, you cannot do with ordinary filling. In inflammatory processes such as pulpitis, periodontitis, the gums have to be opened. Before such a procedure, local injection anesthesia is necessarily used – the place where the manipulation is carried out is “frozen” and the patient only feels numbness. But there are times when the action of an anesthetic injection is not enough, and the client is immersed in a medication sleep. Dental treatment under general anesthesia is carried out exclusively in the presence of an anesthesiologist. He, next to the dentist, monitors the patient’s condition until the end of the manipulation.

The use of anesthesia for dental treatment is used in surgical interventions, working with root canals under a microscope, and extensive implantation. For the patient, the procedure is painless and safe, he falls asleep and wakes up with healthy teeth. Is not that great? The price for dental treatment under anesthesia in Kiev, in addition to the work of a dentist, also consists of the services of an anesthesiologist and a medication (it is selected individually).

Dental treatment during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body loses elements important for the structure of teeth. As a result of this, and against the background of hormonal disruptions, the teeth become susceptible to pathologies. The health of the oral cavity needs to be monitored more carefully, it is not for nothing that visits to the dentist are mandatory for expectant mothers. If the slightest disease is detected, treatment should be carried out immediately. Any disease develops rapidly, and neglected dental disease gives complications to the entire body. 

Many people are interested in the question, is it possible to use anesthesia during pregnancy? No one is interested in a pregnant woman experiencing stress and feeling uncomfortable. There are many medicines that allow pregnant women to treat their teeth without pain and nerves.


Diagnostics and consultation

Anti AIDS and Anti HEPATITIS 200 грн. Записаться
Using an optrade 250 грн. Записаться
Using a rubber dam 300 грн. Записаться
Aiming shot 150 грн. Записаться
Orthodontist consultation 500 грн. Записаться
Preventive prof. hygiene over gum teeth. deposits 2 degree 1700 грн. Записаться
Consultation with a periodontist 500 грн. Записаться
Orthopedic consultation 500 грн. Записаться
Consultation with an implant surgeon 500 грн. Записаться
Comprehensive examination (consultation and examination by a specialist, CT, photo protocol, preparation of a treatment plan) 1000 грн. Записаться
Diagnosis and treatment planning 350 грн. Записаться


Application anesthesia 100 грн. Записаться
Injection anesthesia 300 грн. Записаться
Medicated sleep (Sedation) 1 hour 2500 грн. Записаться

Dental treatment

Therapeutic caries treatment (restoration with photopolymer material) 1300-3800 грн. Записаться
Artistic restoration of the anterior group of teeth 2300 грн. Записаться