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Услуги - Treatment of milk teeth

Treatment of milk teeth in Kiev

Many parents find it strange that milk teeth need to be treated. Because they will soon change to permanent ones. Why then waste time, money and nerves of a child on the treatment of milk teeth?

Milk teeth, like permanent teeth, are susceptible to caries and pulpitis. If you do not treat these pathologies, but remove milk teeth, this can lead to the following negative consequences:

  • the formation of an incorrect bite;
  • jaw deformation;
  • deterioration of the processes of chewing food;
  • a large load on other teeth can lead to their increased mobility.

And if milk teeth are not treated, not removed, then the presence of an infection in the oral cavity can lead to the development of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs and diseases of the digestive system.

Therefore, it is very important, even if the child is not worried about anything, to show him once every six months to the dentist who deals with the treatment of milk teeth.

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Features of the treatment of milk teeth

Most often, a pediatric dentist encounters in his practice the treatment of pulpitis in milk teeth, treatment of caries in milk teeth and periodontitis.

Caries of milk teeth require immediate treatment. Often parents do not notice its beginning, because it appears as a white speck. This is how the process of demineralization of the enamel begins. If the treatment is not carried out, it will quickly turn into caries. And upon reaching the nerve – into pulpitis.

Parents do not always manage to notice caries in time, so it is so important to visit the dentist on time.

If the treatment of caries in milk teeth was not timely, pulpitis, an inflammation of the dental nerve, may develop. Caries usually do not hurt, but pulpitis makes itself felt with unpleasant pain.

Milk teeth treatment is not just a dental procedure – it is an interaction between a child and a pediatric dentist. You need to find an approach to the child so that he calms down, confides in and calmly treats the treatment of milk teeth. These are the dentists who work at the Estomatology Clinic.

Treatment of milk teeth under anesthesia

Treatment of milk teeth under anesthesia is performed infrequently and according to strict indications. Most often, the treatment of milk teeth in Kiev is carried out using application anesthesia or infiltration. There is also the possibility of treating milk teeth in a dream.

Medication sleep is the immersion of the child in a state of sedation with the help of special, non-narcotic drugs. Medication sleep is safe, painless and allows for a large amount of work.

The prices for the treatment of milk teeth are different and depend on the pathology. The detailed price list can be found on the page.