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Услуги - Crowns

Crowns for teeth in Kiev, Pechersk district

Most people still have a stereotype that a crown is the installation of a gold-colored tooth or, in extreme cases, silver crowns on the teeth.

Today the situation with crowns is different. In appearance, they cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. At the same time, dental crowns of types are different.

What is a crown?

A crown is a hired complete restoration of a tooth that is produced by a dental technician in the laboratory. The crown covers the visible part of the tooth in cases where the tooth is more than half destroyed. Once a tooth loses pulp, it becomes more susceptible to decay. In addition, crowns are placed in case of pathological abrasion of the teeth, with a fracture of a part of the tooth, with large aesthetic defects of the teeth.


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Types and cost of dental crowns

Crowns for teeth are of different types:

Metal crowns are extremely rare and almost never used because they have a number of disadvantages. They need to be changed more often, since they cannot be completely sealed and an inflammatory process can develop under them.

There are also metal-ceramic crowns for teeth, which are still often used. The price for them is the cheapest. They combine the strength of metal, but are covered with ceramic and look natural.

There are also plastic and metal-plastic crowns for the front teeth, chewing teeth. More often such crowns are intermediate options before setting crowns for a longer period. These anterior temporary crowns are ideal.

The most modern dental crowns are ceramic and zirconium crowns.

Ceramic crowns

It is possible to place ceramic crowns on the front teeth, less often on the chewing teeth. The ceramic looks natural, lasts a long time, but the price is also high.

Zirconia crowns

Zirconia crowns are also often placed over the chewing teeth. Zirconium is a material with high mechanical properties, but very thin walls. The appearance of such crowns is aesthetic and natural. Impossible to distinguish from their own.

Prices for dental crowns in ESTOMATOLOGY

The prices of dental crowns are different and primarily depend on the material from which they are made. The cheapest will be metal crowns, then ceramic and zirconium.

If you need to put dental crowns on the front teeth, then here you need the most natural look. Then choose ceramics or zirconium. They are more expensive, but they also wear better. Anterior crowns should look as natural as possible and not cause discomfort.

Diagnostics and consultation

Consultation 0 uah Sign up
Diagnosis and treatment planning 800 uah Sign up
Aiming X-ray 250 uah Sign up
Consultation with a periodontist 800 uah Sign up
Orthopedic consultation 800 uah Sign up
Anti AIDS and Anti HEPATITIS 200 uah Sign up
Using a rubber dam 500 uah Sign up
Using an optrade 350 uah Sign up

Orthopedics dentistry (crowns, veneers, iconic tabs)

Wax modeling (Wax up) 1 unit. 600 uah Sign up
Impression (A-silicone, polyester) 1 jaw 800 uah Sign up
Production of diagnostic models (1 jaw) 800 uah Sign up
Making an individual spoon 900 uah Sign up
Preparation of the tooth for orthopedic treatment Build-up 1 degree 2000 uah Sign up
Preparation of the tooth for orthopedic treatment Build-up 2 degree 2250 uah Sign up
Preparation of the tooth for orthopedic treatment Build-up 3 degree 2800 uah Sign up
Comprehensive diagnostics of models in the articulator (work with the gnatometer) 3800 uah Sign up
The cult tab is metal 3200 uah Sign up
Cult tab with pressing 5500 uah Sign up
Using the facial arch 1000 uah Sign up
Metal-ceramic crown (master technician) 7150 uah Sign up
Milled plasma crown RMMA 2100 uah Sign up
Plastic temporary crown (clinical method) 600 uah Sign up
Rebase temporary crown 300 uah Sign up
Fixation of the structure on temporary cement 250 uah Sign up
Fixation of the structure on glass ionomer cement 550 uah Sign up
Fixation of the structure (adhesive protocol) 850 uah Sign up
Removal of the crown (metal-ceramic solid cast) 900 uah Sign up
Removing a crown (metal-free, zirconium) 1200 uah Sign up
Deprogrammer 2500 uah Sign up
Zirconium crown (p/t) 15800 uah Sign up
Crown fixation (p/t) 1150 uah Sign up
E.mach/all-ceramic crown (p/t) 17500 uah Sign up
E.max fixation / all-ceramic structure (p/t) 1450 uah Sign up
E.max/all-ceramic overlay (p/t) 15600 uah Sign up
E.max/all-ceramic front (p/t) 18200 uah Sign up