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Orthodontist consultation in Kiev, Pecherskyi district

In the modern world, orthodontics is of great importance. A beautiful smile is not only self-confidence, but also health, since an incorrect bite affects the state of the whole organism. That is why timely access to an orthodontist and occlusion correction is highly recommended from an early age. 

An orthodontist’s consultation is a must in childhood. Starting from 3-4 years old, when milk teeth erupt, you can show the child to the orthodontist. Then you should definitely show at the beginning of the change of milk to permanent teeth, as well as in the region of 18 years.

Many adults did not have the opportunity to correct their bite in early childhood. But it is now, so anyone can consult an orthodontist. Don’t worry about having to wear braces for several years. It is necessary to form the correct attitude towards your health.


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Orthodontist consultation in Kiev, Pecherskyi district

An orthodontist consultation is necessary not only for children, but also for adults. Our clinic offers orthodontics services in Kiev at favorable and pleasant prices, but first, let’s figure out what orthodontics is.

This is a dental direction that deals with occlusion correction and prevents the development of anomalies of the dentition.

The task of the orthodontist is to bring the upper and the dental one to such a position in which the closing of the teeth would be reduced to physiological. It is important to understand that this situation prevents the development of sinusitis, sinusitis, caries, gingivitis, periodontal disease and others.

Previously, it was believed that the bite could be corrected only in childhood. But modern technology makes it possible to change the bite in adulthood. The only question is the amount of time it will take to achieve the result.  

The maximum results in the ESTOMATOLOGY clinic in orthodontic treatment are achieved through braces, mouth guards and plates. 

Modern bracket systems have a huge number of advantages:

  • they do not injure the gums and tooth enamel;
  • they are small, aesthetically pleasing, can be transparent or of different pleasant colors;
  • do not interfere in the mouth, do not spoil the pronunciation (but, of course, at first, it will be necessary to get used to and adapt).

Our clinic employs qualified doctors.

At the consultation, an orthodontist:

  • collect anamnesis, conduct an examination;
  • be sure to do an orthopontomogram, CT (children undergo teleradiography);


  • prints are removed;
  • diagnostic models are created;
  • various options are discussed, the most optimal is selected.

It is very important to understand that the duration of wearing braces is different and depends on the individual characteristics of the teeth and occlusion. But even after the teeth are in the correct position, the treatment does not end. In the future, retainers are required.

Prices for an orthodontist consultation at ESTOMATOLOGY 

How much does an orthodontist consultation cost? An orthodontist consultation in Kiev is an important stage in the formation of dental health. An orthodontist consultation costs 400 hryvnia.

We offer turnkey jaw braces at very competitive prices. Efforts must be made to properly correct a malocclusion. Finding a good orthodontist is often difficult. But in our clinic, we offer an orthodontist consultation – a highly qualified specialist at excellent prices.

ESTOMATOLOGY also has its own diagnostic center, where you can do both CT and panoramic imaging.


Orthodontics (bite correction)

Comprehensive examination of the patient 750 uah Sign up
Monthly follow-up examination 200 uah Sign up
Digital photos 250 uah Sign up
Installation of separation rings (4 rings) 250 uah Sign up
Impression of 1 jaw 700 uah Sign up
Fixation of a bracket system (1 jaw) Metal system 18000 uah Sign up
Fixation bracket system (1 jaw) Ceramics system 21000 uah Sign up
Bracket fixation system (1 jaw) Metal self-ligating England 29000 uah Sign up
Bracket fixation system (1 jaw) Ceramic self-ligating England 38000 uah Sign up
Fixation of the bracket system (1 jaw) Sapphire ligature system 30090 uah Sign up
Fixation of the bracket system (1 jaw) Lingual ligation system 60000 uah Sign up
Cementing of a bandage ring (one) 700 uah Sign up
Staging of Kaboyashi ligatures on 1 jaw 950 uah Sign up
Staging an elastic chain 600 uah Sign up
Gluing of a metal bracket 900 uah Sign up
Gluing of a metal self-alloying bracket 1600 uah Sign up
Gluing ceramic braces 1100 uah Sign up
Gluing of a ceramic self-ligating bracket 2900 uah Sign up
Gluing sapphire bracket 1000 uah Sign up
Gluing of a lingual bracket 1500 uah Sign up
Gluing the lingual button on the retained tooth 1 level 3500 uah Sign up
Gluing the lingual button on the retained tooth 2 level 6200 uah Sign up
Arc replacement 1150 uah Sign up
Establishing an aesthetic arc 1500 uah Sign up
Separation of 1 tooth 400 uah Sign up
Installation of an opening spring 450 uah Sign up
Removal of the bracket system from 1 jaw 1700 uah Sign up
Gluing the retainer to 1 tooth 500 uah Sign up
Production of retention cap 3600 uah Sign up
Removable devices treatment 7000 uah Sign up
Removal of the removed device 500 uah Sign up
Twin unit 13100 uah Sign up
Fixation of the palatal clasp 3100 uah Sign up
Treatment with rapid palatal dilator apparatus. Ross 13100 uah Sign up
Removal of orthodontic crown, ring 800 uah Sign up
Bandage ring / locks dod on 7 teeth 800 uah Sign up
Replacement of elastics 300 uah Sign up
Setting the button 500 uah Sign up
Setting the stopper 250 uah Sign up
Closing metal spring 900 uah Sign up
Installation of an opening spring 900 uah Sign up
Space keeper 3700 uah Sign up
Non-removable retainer 3600 uah Sign up
Bevel plate 4500 uah Sign up
Diagnosis of caps "Invisalign" $ 1200.00 $ 38650 uah Sign up
Invisalign Light (about 14 drops) is equivalent to $ 3400 109250 uah Sign up
Invisalign Full (about 20-22 drops) is equivalent to $ 5370 172500 uah Sign up
Invisalign Teen (about 20-22 drops) is equivalent to $ 5370 172500 uah Sign up
Orthoimplant 8200 uah Sign up
TAD system treatment 14200 uah Sign up
Individual cap for bruxism 8000 uah Sign up
Distiller on microimplants 16300 uah Sign up
Herbst's apparatus 24600 uah Sign up
Mask of the Dealer 3000 uah Sign up
Trainer 3000 uah Sign up
Replacement of elastic ligatures 800 uah Sign up
Replacement of an elastic chain 500 uah Sign up
Fixing bracket system partial 16000 uah Sign up
Bracket system correction 900 uah Sign up
Set-Up Kappa 5100 uah Sign up
Landing site 1000 uah Sign up
Ukrainian capitals Easybite 60000 uah Sign up