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Услуги - Straumann implant

Straumann implant installation in Kiev, Shevchenko district

The Swiss Straumann implant system is one of the most common in the world. Now Straumann implants are placed 60% more often than others. It is the largest manufacturer of dental implants in the world. 14 million Straumann implants have been installed in patients worldwide.

Implant surgeons

Еxperience: 17 years
Chief physician, Orthopedic dentist


He graduated from O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University in 2005

National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupyka graduated in 2007

Orthopedics certificate

Еxperience: 26 years old
Dentist surgeon


Kharkiv State Medical University, 1996

Еxperience: 10
Orthopedic dentist

Personal doctor
assigned to each patient
Council of doctors
examines each patient case and forms an optimal treatment plan
2 types of installments
available for patients to choose from
3 types of protection
we use in sterilization
3 dental offices
with the most modern equipment
3 Italian dental units
with comfortable chairs
8 best doctors in their field
professional doctors of all specialties
24 months Smile care
Smile care - a unique dental protection program

The main advantages of Straumann implants

Straumann implants were one of the first to create a lifetime warranty. Its essence is that if it is necessary to replace an implant or prolong treatment, the company provides an implant for replacement, regardless of the change of design and model, so they are more often used by our implant surgeons of the Estomatology clinic when restoring patients’ teeth.

A separate advantage is the 98.4% survival rate of the implant, which was confirmed by studies in Sweden. After analyzing 11311 cases of implant placement in patients, we came to the following conclusions that with an average survival rate of 96.4% of all implant systems, Straumann implants had the least clinical cases of rejection.

What is the reason for the effectiveness and durability of Straumann implants?

Choosing only high-quality materials for dental restoration, we at Estomatology paid attention to the materials from which the implant was created and in which cases it can be used,

Thanks to the use of a modern titanium and zirconium alloy, the patented Roxoloid technology was created. It is harder by 35% for titanium and has a faster survival rate, less surgical intervention when installing an implant, and this shortens the healing period. Also, thanks to this alloy, the implant can be used in 54% of cases without increasing bone tissue. And this makes the turnkey implantation solution much more profitable than other implant systems.

In addition, a special SLActive coating is used in the Straumann implant system. This patented solution of the Swiss company allows using the chemically active surface of the implant to increase the chances of implant engraftment up to 99-100%. This is due to the fact that such a surface stimulates:

  • rapid healing, after implant
  • placement reduces inflammation in the implant
  • placement area improves blood circulation at the implant placement site
  • accelerates the formation of bone tissue around the implant

All these advantages and Swiss quality and precision make these implants durable and reliable.

Straumann implants price and installation in Kiev at the Estomatology clinic

The leading implantology surgeons of the Estomatology clinic work according to international protocols and treatment standards, which allows them to receive premium quality of treatment with an optimal budget due to the correct choice of Straumann Roxoloid and SLActive implants in accordance with clinical indications for the patient’s situation by an implantologist surgeon. The cost of Swiss implants is compensated by a reduction in the need for bone augmentation and the speed of healing in 3-4 weeks.

To install the implant, the patient undergoes the following etaps:

  1. Consultation and implantologist surgeon with computed tomography
  2. Inspection and selection of the implant system and the type of implant that is suitable in your particular case
  3. Preparation for treatment and elimination of inflammatory processes, small caries and professional cleaning of teeth
    Implant installation
  4. After 3-4 weeks, the installation of an abutment and a zirconium crown

In general, in our modern Estomatology clinic, you can fully undergo implantation with preparation and treatment in a comprehensive manner with the least expenditure of time and money due to the fact that:

  • A team of specialized dentists is working on a treatment plan
  • Each patient is accompanied by an attending physician and a personal manager
  • We have in one place all the modern materials necessary for treatment, comfortable chairs and the latest models of air conditioning

How to care for Straumann implants

For proper care and, most importantly, compliance with the guarantee, you need to come to the dentist 2 times a year and do professional hygiene. This will allow not only to take care of the restored tooth, but also to maintain the health of the entire oral cavity.

Author: Chief physician Sirosh Alexander Viktorovich

Dental implantation cost

Diagnostics and consultation

Consultation 0 uah Sign up
Diagnosis and treatment planning 800 uah Sign up
Aiming X-ray 250 uah Sign up
Consultation with a periodontist 800 uah Sign up
Orthopedic consultation 800 uah Sign up
Anti AIDS and Anti HEPATITIS 200 uah Sign up
Using a rubber dam 500 uah Sign up
Using an optrade 350 uah Sign up


Application anesthesia 100 uah Sign up
Injection anesthesia 300 uah Sign up
Medicated sleep (Sedation) 1 hour 2500 uah Sign up

Dental implantation

Implant placement Korea Megagen Any Ridge 18000 uah Sign up
Implant installation Switzerland Straumann SLA 29200 uah Sign up
Implant installation Switzerland Straumann SLA-active 29200 uah Sign up
A template for installing an implant 9200 uah Sign up
Installation of the MegaGen gum former 2750 uah Sign up
Installation of the Straumann gum former 4400 uah Sign up
Template for installing an implant on a toothless jaw 14100 uah Sign up

Prosthetics on implants

Temporary plastic. crown on the temporary abbey of Korea 5200 uah Sign up
Temporary plastic. crown on the temporary abbey Switzerland 9900 uah Sign up
Metal-ceramic crown on implant (screw) 12000 uah Sign up
All-ceramic crown on implant (screw) 18000 uah Sign up
Installing Multunites Korea 5200 uah Sign up
Abutment individual titanium Korea 6000 uah Sign up
Abutment individual titanium Switzerland 6000 uah Sign up
Abutment individual zirconium Korea 7300 uah Sign up
Abutment individual zirconium Switzerland 8600 uah Sign up
Implant removal is easy 3100 uah Sign up
Implant removal is difficult 4800 uah Sign up
Bone material Bio-Oss 0.25 gr 9000 uah Sign up
Bone material Bio-Oss 0.5 gr 12000 uah Sign up
Bone material Bio-Oss 1 gr 18000 uah Sign up
Bone material Bio-Oss 2 gr 27000 uah Sign up
M as fabric fabric membrane GEISTLICH Mucograft 15 * 20 mm 14800 uah Sign up
M as fabric GEISTLICH Mucograft membrane 20 * 30 mm 17900 uah Sign up
Implant prosthesis (cermet) 119000 uah Sign up
Implant prosthesis (zircon) 220000 uah Sign up
Titanium beam on implants 50000 uah Sign up
Bone material Inter-Oss 0.25 gr 6500 uah Sign up
Bone material Inter-Oss 0.5 gr 11000 uah Sign up
Bone material Inter-Oss 1g 15000 uah Sign up
Bone material Inter-Oss 2 gr 18500 uah Sign up
Prosthesis on implants 58000 uah Sign up