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Pediatric dentist in Kiev, Pecherskyi district

Doctors recommend going to a pediatric dentist for the first time around 2-3 years old, if there are no other indications. Pediatric dentist will be able to assess the degree of development of the dentition and check the bite. Give recommendations if necessary. To avoid troubles in the future, the child should be shown to the dentist even in those cases when nothing bothers him.

The attitude of an adult to dentists will depend on the first visits to a pediatric dentist. That is why it is very important to immediately get to a good pediatric dentist and form a positive impression on the child.

Pediatric dentist

Personal doctor
assigned to each patient
1 diagnostic center
is in the clinic
2 types of installments
available for patients to choose from
3 types of protection
we use in sterilization
5 dental offices
with the most modern equipment
8 Italian dental units
with comfortable chairs
12 best doctors in their field
professional doctors of all specialties
24 months Smile care
Smile care - a unique dental protection program

A good pediatric dentist in Kiev is ESTOMATOLOGY

You can find a good pediatric dentist in Kiev at Estomatology. Our specialists will leave only pleasant memories of the first visit to the dentist and minimize stress.

Benefits of a pediatric dentist in Kiev at Estomatology:

– painless and comfortable treatment;

– pleasant atmosphere;

– hospitable dentists who can easily find an approach to the child;

– modern technologies;

– medication sleep;

– a wide range of services.


At Estomatology, a pediatric dentist in Kiev deals with:

– treatment of milk teeth;

– removal of milk teeth;

– caries treatment;

– bite correction;

– oral hygiene;

– diagnosis of anomalies. 

The pediatric dentist at the first consultation tells about how important it is to take care of the teeth so that they do not hurt. On the same visit, it is possible to carry out diagnostics. It is very important that the diagnosis is as safe as possible for the child’s body. In our clinic, diagnostics are carried out only on safe and modern equipment.

We have a pediatric dentist therapist and a pediatric surgeon dentist 

Why choose pediatric dentistry at Estomatology clinic?

 You can read reviews about our pediatric dentists, come to a free consultation and find the best pediatric dentist for yourself in Kiev. And we guarantee:

– safe diagnostic equipment;

– painless dental treatment by the best children’s dentists;

– lack of stress in the child and a comfortable environment;

– flexible price offers.

Price for pediatric dentist services

 If you are looking for a cheap pediatric dentist in Kiev and the best pediatric dentist surgeon in Kiev, you are definitely welcome to contact us.

On the page you can familiarize yourself with the price list, and when you come to us for a free consultation with your child, you will fall in love with our doctors and you will stay to treat your children’s teeth only with us.


The cost of pediatric dentist services