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Услуги - Braces – bite correction

Install braces in Kiev, Pechersk district

If you are on this page, then you have an intention to put braces in Kiev and figure out what they are, what braces are, what is the cost for braces in Kiev and how to choose your orthodontist.

Braces are a special design that is installed in the mouth on the teeth. With its help, the position of the teeth is changed and the malocclusion is removed.

When is the best time to put braces in Kiev?

Of course, it is best to first come to the orthodontist as a child aged 3-4 to 6 years, so that the doctor can determine whether there are any defects, whether the bite is correct.

Personal doctor
assigned to each patient
1 diagnostic center
is in the clinic
2 types of installments
available for patients to choose from
3 types of protection
we use in sterilization
5 dental offices
with the most modern equipment
8 Italian dental units
with comfortable chairs
12 best doctors in their field
professional doctors of all specialties
24 months Smile care
Smile care - a unique dental protection program

Types of braces and the cost of installing braces

But if in childhood they did not deal with dental treatment and an incorrect bite was found in adulthood, you need to put braces. Braces can be placed at any age. It’s just that in childhood, the bite correction process lasts faster. In an adult, the treatment will take from 1.5 years. And in the presence of caries, periodontal disease and other diseases, you will first have to deal with them, and only after that start orthodontic treatment.

Installation of braces is not a very painful procedure, but you will have to get used to and adapt to them. You will also need control visits, during which they can change arcs, pull up, and this process may also not be very pleasant.

In general, everything is individual and depends on personal sensitivity. For some, wearing braces is not particularly perceptible, but for others it is associated with a feeling of discomfort. It is important to remember that braces are primarily not worn for aesthetic beauty, although this is also important. They are worn for bite correction. An incorrect bite can lead to serious problems not only of the teeth, but also of health in general.

Types of braces

Braces in Kiev are installed by orthodontists and selected individually for each person.

Bracket systems are different and the prices for braces in Kiev will also differ. It all depends on materials, country of origin and other features.

Metal braces

The cheapest metal braces, the price in Kiev for them is not high. They are reliable, effectively fight against dental malposition, but have one big drawback – not aesthetic appearance.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces in Kiev are very popular because they are created in such a way as not to attract attention. The color is matched to the enamel. They are more bulky, while the price for ceramic braces is higher than for metal braces.

Sapphire braces

Sapphire braces are more expensive in Kiev. They are transparent and durable and require increased hygiene. For sapphire braces the price is the highest in Kiev.
According to the method of fixation and installation, the braces are also divided.

Vestibular braces

These braces are fixed to the front of the teeth. Their disadvantage is that they are clearly visible.

Lingual braces

If you want to install lingual braces, in Kiev you can do it in our clinic. They are attached to the inside of the teeth. These braces are less visible, but require more careful maintenance.

By fixing the arch, braces can be of two types: regular and self-ligating. Regular ones are attached with ligatures, while self-ligating ones are much easier in this regard.

Self-ligating braces

With self-ligating braces, the archwire is fixed in such a way that it is not blocked.
The choice of braces is carried out together with the orthodontist. You can also read in detail about each braces reviews in Kiev.

Prices for installing braces in ESTOMATOLOGY

As you already understood, prices for braces in Kiev will be different, since there are a huge number of types. In our price list you can find out what the cost for ceramic braces in Kiev is, how much metal braces cost, what is the price for sapphire braces in Kiev.

If the price for braces in Kiev seems high to you, then we have a special offer for installing braces in Kiev in our dentistry. English and American braces at very competitive prices.

The cost of installing braces

Correction of bite

Orthodontist consultation 500 грн. Записаться
Control monthly inspection 200 грн. Записаться
Diagnostic model 300 грн. Записаться
Fixation of ceramic braces 1 jaw 14000 грн. Записаться
Fixation of metal braces 1 jaw 10000-12000 грн. Записаться
Fixation of sapphire ligature braces 1 jaw 15000 грн. Записаться
Fixation of a metal self-alloying bracket system 1 jaw 17000 грн. Записаться
Ceramic self-ligating braces fixation 1 jaw 25000 грн. Записаться
Fixation of lingual alloyed braces 1 jaw 40000 грн. Записаться
Bonding braces 500-1800 грн. Записаться
Removal of braces from 1 jaw 1000 грн. Записаться
Arc replacement 700 грн. Записаться
Bonding 1 tooth retainer 300 грн. Записаться
Making a retention mouthguard 1800 грн. Записаться
Orthoimplant 4800 грн. Записаться
ndividual mouth guard for bruxism 5000 грн. Записаться
Removable device treatment 8000 грн. Записаться
Treatment with TAD system 8500 грн. Записаться
Invisalign mouthguards 95 000 - 150 000 грн. Записаться


Zhovtoshtan Maxim Nikolaevich
Опыт работы: 3 years


Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy
Internship at NMU.O Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– Restoration of the anatomical shape of the teeth
– Caries treatment
– Restorations of frontal and chewing teeth

Life motto: The smile of patients makes me happy and motivates me to improve

Опыт работы: 22 years


Faculty of Dentistry, Tver State Medical Academy.
Internship in Dentistry.

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– I treat caries and its complications
– Restoration of anterior and lateral groups of teeth
– Endodontics under the microscope
Life credo: I work to improve the quality of life of my patients and want them to smile with pleasure.

Опыт работы: 3 years


Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– Artistic restoration of the central and lateral groups of teeth
– Prosthetics on implants
– Peparation of teeth

Life credo: Time doesn’t like being wasted!

Опыт работы: 5 years


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets
– Progressive orthopedic dentist
– Restoration of teeth by indirect restorations

Life motto: “A smile is a large number of little things that make up the individuality characteristic of each person.”

Опыт работы: 7 years
Implantologist Surgeon Therapis


Kiev Medical University UANM

Опыт работы: 5 years
Periodontist - Surgeon


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
– I am engaged in conservative treatment of gums
– Surgical and regenerative periodontology.

Life credo: Proper and timely prevention is a guarantee of no cure.

Опыт работы: 16 years
Endodontist, Therapist


PKMU, specialization paramedic
National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets
Graduated from internship in 2005

Опыт работы: 5 years
Periodontist - Surgeon


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:

– Comprehensive diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with periodontitis, treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa
-Plastic and closing recessions
– Pulmonary augmentation
– Soft tissue plasty in the area of implants

Life credo: Never and under no circumstances should a person neglect himself, his aspirations and dreams.

Опыт работы: 5 years


National Medical University A.A. Bogomolets

Professional and practical activities 🦷:
-complex diagnostics and planning of aesthetically functional rehabilitation.
-installation of ceramic overlays and veneers
-total prosthetics (restoration of function and aesthetics)
-prosthetics on implants
-prosthetics All 4, All 6
-removable prosthetics

Life credo : The only way to do something very well is to love what you do.