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Врачи - Tonklevsky Roman Gennadievich


1. Basic Theoretical and Practical Course For Implantology “U-impl” 2016
2. Conference “Day of Practical Periodontology” UAP 2017
3. Congress “Periodontics for everyone” UAP 2016
4. Symposium Osteology. How is a successful regenerative treatment achieved? “Osteology Foundation” 2016
5. Basic Options in dentistry. Implantology and Prosthodontics 2016
6.3-d National Ukrainian Dental Congress with International Espousal 2015
7. Art of restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. Dspace 2019
8. Digital protocol in the practice of a dentist. 2-D and 3-D tools. Dspace 2020
9. Osstem Meeting 2018

Professional Development:
🦷 National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupik surgical dentistry
🦷 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Ukrainian Military Medical Academy specialization prosthetic dentistry
🦷 Digital protocol in the practice of a dentist. 2-D,3-D instrumentation
🦷 Hands-on course Mastering Crown Preparation (Bg academy by Dr. Maxim Belograd)
🦷 Direct restoraration Initial Design Playback
🦷 VertiPrep and B.O.P.T. concept on natural teeth and implants
🦷 As a prosthodontist during the treatment stages of pacients with periodontitis
🦷 International center for Dental Education Ivoclar Vivadent participation in the theoretical course “All-ceramic restorations”
🦷 Basic Theoretical and Practical Course for Implantology (U-impl educational center)
🦷 art of restoration of anterior and posterior teeth
🦷 International Conference Implantology and Prosthodontics 2016 December 10.
🦷 Symposium Osteology Eastern Europe. The main theme of the Symposium How to achieve a successful result of regenerative treatment? October 15, 2016

Promotions and discounts

Orthopedic consultation on crowns and veneers
400 грн.
Is free! Panoramic X-ray and Dental Consultation
300 грн.
Implant Dentis
6000 грн.
Implant MegaGen
7000 грн.
Comprehensive consultation with a periodontist
250 грн.
Comprehensive professional oral hygiene
999 грн.
Consultation of a pediatric dentist
799 грн.
Consultation with an implantologist + computed tomography
850 грн.
Orthodontist consultation on braces
400 грн.
Whitening + cleaning as a gift
3200 грн.
Installation of a bracket system 1 jaw + panoramic image as a gift
10000 грн.
Cleaning (US, AIR + Flow + PSR test)
1299 грн.

Dental implants

Many people find that they are missing multiple teeth, either in one area of ​​their mouth or in more than one area. Often this problem is solved by what we call a denture, i.e. a partial denture or a bridge made of one material or another. But these dentures often don’t function like natural teeth or don’t fit properly over time.

Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are surgically inserted into a patient’s jawbone under the gums to hold artificial teeth in place. Thanks to metal pins, artificial teeth have a stable support. Now bridges or dentures placed on these implants will not move or slide in the mouth. Single Dental Implants is a great way to replace one or two missing teeth, but what if you were missing more than one tooth? You can get an implant-supported partial denture or an implant-supported bridge! What to do if you are missing all the teeth on the upper or lower arch? You can even get a full denture supported by implants.

Treating patients with dentures and implants (such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants) requires the clinician to have a high level of expertise in orthodontic treatment using clear aligners.


Orthopedics dentistry

Wax modeling (Wax up) 1 unit. 600 грн. Записаться
Obtaining an impression (C-silicone) 1 jaw 500 грн. Записаться
Impression (A-silicone, polyester) 1 jaw 800 грн. Записаться
Production of diagnostic models (1 jaw) 600 грн. Записаться
Making an individual spoon 600 грн. Записаться
Preparation of the tooth for orthopedic treatment Build-up 1 degree 1500 грн. Записаться
Preparation of the tooth for orthopedic treatment Build-up 2 degree 1750 грн. Записаться
Preparation of the tooth for orthopedic treatment Build-up 3 degree 2300 грн. Записаться
Comprehensive diagnostics of models in the articulator (work with the gnatometer) 2450 грн. Записаться
The cult tab is metal 2500 грн. Записаться
Cult tab with pressing 3500 грн. Записаться
Using the facial arch 1000 грн. Записаться
Metal-ceramic crown (master technician) 7150 грн. Записаться
Zirconium (crown / veneer) 7700 грн. Записаться
Zirconium (crown / veneer) front 9350 грн. Записаться
All-ceramic crown / cover E.max 8800 грн. Записаться
All-ceramic crown / veneer E.max front 11000 грн. Записаться
Milled plastic crown PMMA 1300 грн. Записаться
Plastic temporary crown (clinical method) 600 грн. Записаться
Relocation of the temporary crown 300 грн. Записаться
Fixation of structures on temporary cement 250 грн. Записаться
Fixation of structures on glass ionomer cement 550 грн. Записаться
Fixation of structures (adhesive protocol) 850 грн. Записаться
Removal of a crown (metal-ceramic, all-cast) 600 грн. Записаться
Crown removal (without metal, zirconium) 850 грн. Записаться
Deprogrammer 2500 грн. Записаться
Zirconium crown (p/t) 12650 грн. Записаться
Crown fixation (p/t) 1150 грн. Записаться
E.max / all-ceramic crown (p/t) 13200 грн. Записаться
E.max fixation / all-ceramic construction (p/t) 1450 грн. Записаться
E.max / all-ceramic overlay (p/t) 13200 грн. Записаться
E.max / all-ceramic front (p/t) 15400 грн. Записаться

Diagnostics and consultation

Anti AIDS and Anti HEPATITIS 200 грн. Записаться
Using an optrade 250 грн. Записаться
Using a rubber dam 300 грн. Записаться
Aiming shot 150 грн. Записаться
Orthopantomogram 300 грн. Записаться
Teleroentgenogram 350 грн. Записаться
CT scan 750 грн. Записаться
Orthodontist consultation 500 грн. Записаться
Preventive prof. hygiene over gum teeth. deposits 2 degree 1700 грн. Записаться
Consultation with a periodontist 500 грн. Записаться
Orthopedic consultation 500 грн. Записаться
Consultation with an implant surgeon 500 грн. Записаться
Comprehensive examination (consultation and examination by a specialist, CT, photo protocol, preparation of a treatment plan) 1000 грн. Записаться
Diagnosis and treatment planning 350 грн. Записаться

Dental treatment

Therapeutic caries treatment (restoration with photopolymer material) 1300-3800 грн. Записаться
Artistic restoration of the anterior group of teeth 2300 грн. Записаться

Professional hygiene

Comprehensive professional oral hygiene 1700 грн. Записаться
(hygiene lesson + a brush as a gift) 600 грн. Записаться
Remineralizing therapy 1300 грн. Записаться
Regeneration (Regenamel) of tooth enamel 3000 грн. Записаться

Teeth whitening

Removable dental prosthetics

Partial acrylic removable prosthesis 8000 грн. Записаться
Complete acrylic removable prosthesis 10000 грн. Записаться
Prosthesis elastic nylon (partial) 8000 грн. Записаться
Prosthesis elastic nylon (full) 10000 грн. Записаться
Clasp prosthesis with attachment lock 15400 грн. Записаться
Clasp prosthesis with lock fastening 17600 грн. Записаться
Clasp prosthesis with clasp fastening 13200 грн. Записаться
Correction of a removable prosthesis (made in another clinic) 1100 грн. Записаться
Prosthesis relocation (clinical) 1100 грн. Записаться
Prosthesis relocation (laboratory) 1650 грн. Записаться
Bite rollers (2 jaws) 1000 грн. Записаться
Bite rollers (1 jaws) 500 грн. Записаться
Acrylic cosmetic microprosthesis (butterfly 1-3 teeth) 2300 грн. Записаться
Adhesive bridge prosthesis 5200 грн. Записаться
Nylon cosmetic microprosthesis (butterfly 1-3 teeth) 3350 грн. Записаться
Making an individual spoon 600 грн. Записаться