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Врачи - Mormytko Anna Sergiivna


Mormytko Anna Serhiyivna, Dentist-periodontologist provides the following services


🦷 Plasmolifting in dentistry, Kyiv, 2017
🦷 Successes and failures of dental treatment using modern materials, Kyiv, 2017
🦷 Injectable regenerative dental and cosmetology technologies, Kyiv, 2018
🦷 International Dental Forum, Kyiv, 2018
🦷 Lasers in dentistry, Kyiv, 2018
🦷 Hyaluronic acid in dentistry: from molecular biology to clinical application, Kyiv, 2018
🦷 Implantation as a method of rehabilitation, Lviv, 2018
🦷 PRP world summit, Kyiv, 2019
🦷 Easy introduction to clinical endodontics, Kyiv, 2020
🦷 Gbt protocol. Powder for hygienic and periodontal procedures, Kyiv, 2020
🦷 Practical skills in the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of chronic non-infectious diseases, Kharkiv, 2020
🦷 Professional development of a dentist: modern recommendations, innovations and practical experience, Kyiv, 2020 – 2 seminars
🦷 Professional development of a dentist in pandemic conditions: modern recommendations, innovations and practical experience, Kyiv, 2020
🦷 Modern ideas about dental biofilm. “Smoker’s rash” and what to do with it. Composite tooth restoration: finishing and long-term impact factors, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 Fiberglass reinforcement of composite restorations, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 The love and pain of direct restoration, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 Current issues of modern dentistry, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 Reaching consensus: management of patients with pain syndrome, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 Emergencies in dentistry, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 Direct restoration vs orthodontics, Kyiv, 2021
🦷 Medical practice in a special time, Odesa, 2022 (online)
🦷 Medical practice at a special time, Cherkasy, 2022 (online)
🦷 II Lviv Spring International Summit. Preventive medicine is the key to the health of the nation, Lviv, 2022 (online)
🦷 Acute, chronic and mixed infections during war and emergency situations: modern clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, Kyiv, 2022 (online)
🦷 ICAHMS 2022 International Conference on Advances in Healthcare and Medical Sciences, Lviv, 2022 (online)
🦷 Actual infectious diseases in the hot period of time, Kyiv, 2022 (online)
🦷 Medicine in the conditions of modern challenges, Kyiv, 2022 (online)
🦷 UkraineOncoGlobal, Kyiv, 2022 (online)
🦷 UkrainePediatricGlobal, Kyiv, 2022 (online)
🦷 Integrative medicine: achievements and prospects, Kyiv, 2022 (online)